Moving forward with MainManager

Using MainManager can give you a reduction of 10-30% of operating costs, as a consequence of a sustained focus on increased efficiency of work practices, methods and processes

  • Building archive

  • Helpdesk

  • Operation & Maintenance

  • Finance control

  • Space management

  • Energy control

  • Project management

Keep all data in one place

Wasting your time on gathering data?

Do you spend too much time searching for documents, drawings and knowledge from your organization? Then this might be the right time to gather all your data in a Building Archive.

Structure will give you a good overview

When using the building archive, you get a logical digital structure for your property data, which will be available to all relevant stakeholders on all digital platforms. BIM models, CAD drawings, product sheets and service contracts will be available from your mobile devices 24/7/365.

Increased efficiency

Tasks are completed faster when data is only a few clicks away. When users of the system experience that data is easily accessible, it results in increased efficiency and job satisfaction in everyday life.


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Take control over the daily tasks

Does the daily tasks steal your overview?

Registering users’ needs for help – and the follow-up – is a very time-consuming manual process.

Customer-friendly communication

Using a digital Helpdesk reduces time spent on phone inquiries and emails, and you can say goodbye to yellow notes.

Give your users and employees access to easy communication via Helpdesk. It is open 24/7/365, and easily accessible via app and web. Chat functions and an integrated feedback loop significantly elevate the perceived service. The Helpdesk gives you more time and resources for better planning. Data and information collected in the Helpdesk will over time inspire optimization of future maintenance.

A better service experience

The up-to-date communication provides a better service experience, which will be appreciated by users in future satisfaction surveys.


Proactive maintenance

Do you have a plan?

Relying on reactive maintenance is an expensive, stressful and potentially dangerous plan. Without an efficient Operation and Maintenance plan, unnecessary energy is spent on being prepared to face the next system breakdown.

Use data

Create your Operation and Maintenance plan, using your Building Archive and your Helpdesk. Analyze data from the Helpdesk and get inspired to prepare an effective Maintenance plan. This way you can avoid “unexpected” breakdowns in the future.

Service workers appreciate paperless work orders that can be completed via the app and avoid having to drive past the office to pick up the next task.

Better decisions

Proactive maintenance is the key to efficient property management. Close monitoring of your key figures helps making better decisions and lower the costs.


Share your overview

Tired of explaining deviations?

Non-integrated systems can lead to internal disputes when the expected expenses differ from the company’s financial system. Finding the reasons for the discrepancies can be a time-consuming task.

Overview across all levels

Integrate ad hoc work orders and maintenance plans with the ERP system and share a complete on-demand overview of the budget and expenditure at all levels.

With the Financial Management module, you can see trends and perform benchmarking, which again will inspire new optimization projects.

Create a great workplace

Fewer meetings. Fewer conflicts. Increased transparency across the organization provides greater security, reduces the risk of fraud, and ultimately creates greater job satisfaction throughout the organization.


Better use of your space

Do you have unused m2 in the portfolio?

This might be difficult to answer. Access to the building capacity is by far the largest expense in the real estate budget. Implementing a clear strategy to monitor how spaces are used, utilized and by whom is one of the most profitable steps you can take.

Add the organization

By linking the building’s geometry and drawings with the organization’s users, it will be easier to meet the core business’s changing need for capacity adjustments.

Optimize cleaning

Create cleaning plans, to better calculate costs and to control quality. It will reduce the cost of cleaning your buildings. Space Management as a tool for your buildings capacity and cleaning process unleashes a great saving potential.


Monitoring energy and environment

Do you know the energy consumption of your portfolio?

Registration and monitoring of energy consumption can be a challenge for property operators, as data must be collected from a variety of sources and different suppliers.

Create an overview

When you integrate your data sources into the Energy Management module, it gives you the opportunity to control energy consumption in all parts of the building environment and calculate emissions.

Improved energy performance

These features help you record excess consumption and identify opportunities for improving energy performance.


Adaptable module

Are you challenged by project management?

The organization of a project is often the most challenging factor in terms of being able to deliver a successful end result.

Important with a good overview

When a project has to be carried out by employees in different locations, in different departments and with external suppliers, planning and managing tasks and budget can be particularly problematic. Then it is important to be able to maintain an overview.

Can be adapted to any project

MainManager Project Management is a professional and adaptable module for both major renovation projects and new projects. It provides a professional monthly report on budget status and risk status. Different contract status completes IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) by using one system for each support function.

The Project Management module makes your life easier by calculating standard parameters that are often used in project management.