Energy Management

Keep track of energy usage in buildings. The system supports energy Zones, makes use of virtual meters etc.

For your benefit – and the planet’s!

Using MainManagers energy module will help you to:

  • Lower your energy cost
  • Reduce contractor service call-out cost
  • Maximize your equipment‘s life cycle
  • Maintain a more accurate overview of your energy usage
  • Identify and pinpoint wasted energy
  • Document your business‘s energy footprint
  • Estimate next year‘s energy budget, based on previous energy use

Additional advantages

  • The property structure is maintained in one system
  • One comprehensive system of operations

Manage your energy, minimize your carbon footprint

Monitor your ecological footprint

MainManager provides you with advanced monitoring and analytical features, such as:

  • Portfolio energy usage comparison (kWh/m2)
  • Multiyear consumption development
  • Consumption profiles (hour, day, week, month, year)
  • Degree-day correction
  • Submetering
  • Energy zones
  • Reference profiles
  • Energy temperature charts (ET charts)
  • CO2, SO2 and NOX footprints

These features help you detect excess consumption and identify energy performance improvement opportunities. Meter readings can either be imported automatically from an available data source or entered manually via a browser or smartphone.

If your company is implementing the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard, MainManager will provide strong support for your reporting needs.