Document Management

Place documents for location structure, or connect “links” to this structure from external databases or web sites. We differentiate between drawings, photos, descriptions etc., and documents that are delivered through digital delivery or BIM models.


If you want an even better tool for the administration of your documents, you can add the Document Management Module.

MainManagerʼs Standard Document Handling allows the user to:

  • Connect documents to buildings, projects and other objects in MainManager.
  • Store and sort documents using a two-step classification.
  • Manage access to documents through site groups.
  • Access documents in the MainManager app through work orders.

MainManagerʼs additional Document Management Module allows the user to:

  • Keep track of different document versions by using the Version Control feature.
  • Ask for a review of documents.
  • Upload to/download from Google Drive.
  • Search for documents with a powerful search tool.
  • Send documents to MainManager with by email.

Quality Manual

MainManager allows the customer to set up and/or upload a quality manual.

Customers can:

  • Store and manage their Quality Manual
  • Keep track of different document versions (Version Control)
  • Assign subscribers to manuals
  • Send manual updates automatically