Space Management

Manages the use of spaces and inventory. Overview the location of organization units, the utilization of spaces etc.

Overview on space usage and utilization

Physical space in buildings is costly, which is why it is important to control the usage of all areas as effectively as possible.

MainManager makes it possible to:

  • Manage space utilization
  • Allocate space
  • Get an overview of the usage
  • Monitor leased areas and tenants
  • Get an overview and keep track of unused spaces
  • Calculate rents
  • Manage measurements
  • Import and manage interactive drawings of a property
  • etc.


MainManager gives you the tools you need to evaluate processes based on building geometry, outdoor area levels and their attributes. Analyses can also be made of the entire building portfolio, individual buildings, zones, floors and rooms.

Building geometry and open areas are connected to:

  • Objects
  • Organizations
  • Accounts
  • Finance

The buildingsʼ geometry and open areas are used when incidents, work orders and plans are created.


Users can create and generate lists and then view graphical displays for:

  • Space utilization plans
  • Relocations
  • Organizational locations
  • Themes such as fire prevention plans, cultural values, etc.

MainManager can generate lists and reports for room types and their applications, which can be used to optimize the buildingsʼ use and to pinpoint rooms which are not being effectively used.