Room Booking & Catering Service

Lets you define rooms as meeting rooms, and define catering packages with prices etc.

Increase the use of your property

MainManager offers that certain rooms can be rented out temporary to internal or external parties.  Booking enquiries can be made through a calander and there the administrators or other interested parties can get an overview of all bookings. Bookings can be made as a single reservation or recurrent and it is also possible to have an acceptance process of the reservations.

Other functionality included is:

  • Adjustable price lists for each room that can be adapted to other factors such as for how long it is rented out and to whom
  • Possibility to send an email with an iCal file so you can import the booking to your own email calander
  • Administrate if rooms are blocked for bookings over a period of time
  • Manage catering service and equipment renting