We provide four types: Fire portal, health & safety portal, portal for cultural value and portal for universal design issues.

An insight into special aspects

Portals contain information regarding specific concerns, such as:

  • Fire prevention
  • Accessibility for the disabled
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Historic significance

A risk analysis can be performed for each of the categories which can then be taken into consideration during the planning process.

Preservation of historically significant buildings

This portal is used to keep track of all issues related to the preservation of cultural historically significant  buildings.

Users can keep track of :

  • Preserved parts of a building
  • Why the building is preserved
  • How the building should be maintained to meet the preservation criteria

When a work order is issued from a preserved part of a building, information regarding the preservation is linked to the work order and sent along with it.

Health & Safety

This portal is used to keep track of mandatory issues related to health and safety:

Users can keep track of:

  • Contracts between parties regarding collaboration
  • Locations of hazardous materials

It is also possible to connect to links to this portal, containing various laws and regulations on health and safety.

Access for the disabled

This portal is used to keep track of issues related to access for the disabled:

Users can keep track of:

  • Inspections regarding building parts which need to be changed in order to fulfill requirements for access for the disabled.
  • Plans linked to access for the disabled.


This portal is used to keep track of issues related to the environment.

Users can keep track of:

  • Systems on the property which need to be monitored for environmental reasons
  • The environmental planning for the property
  • The follow-up of the environmental plan
  • The categorization of waste
  • Environmentally harmful substances and their status

The user can run a risk analysis, assess the property‘s danger to the environment and use the outcome in the property’s planning stages.