Service Contracts

Store all relevant information of a service contract, all service level agreements and define all the KPI’s for each service contract.

Get more out of your contracts

MainManager offers a comprehensive management of contracts. The KPI´s are often linked to response of service, quality or availability of a technical system or equipment.

Users can:

  • Manage service contracts
  • Connect contracts to systems and operating plans
  • Manage visits
  • Report service partner’s checklists
  • View contract status

Lease Contracts

The making of lease contracts becomes a breeze with our lease contract module.  The module uses information already stored in the system, such as definition of areas, costs and index regulations to make a draft for the contract, allowing the user to add in further information such as lease periods and billing information.  

The system makes the whole process easier by automatically calculating the price of each space, using predefined unit type prices for different types of spaces (offices, storage, common areas, toilets, etc.) but also allows you to set the cost per unit manually, so that the user is free to make bespoke contracts for each stakeholder.  

The system generates data for billing (weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly) and exports it to your financial system for invoicing.