Building Registration

MainManagerʼs Building Registration Management Module gives you a comprehensive overview of your property portfolio. Our Setup Process will guide you in setting up your site with all components relevant to your property.

A User Friendly Set-up Process

MainManager has a carefully specially designed process for the set up of the entire site for open areas, buildings, floors and rooms. The user can also set up technical systems with pre-defined components , locate them in the building and connect documents to these structures. Finally the user can validate the data.

The Set-up Process is in 8 User Friendly Steps

  1. Location Structure
    You can set up the location structure with a manual setup or by importing data from Excel, CAD, BIM or an external database.
  2. Technical Systems
    Set up technical systems by using our easy and user friendly drag and drop method, dragging components from a national standard.
  3. Draw Up Your Systems
    Locate the technical systems in a room by using a drag and drop method on interactive 2D drawings or BIM models.
  4. Documentation
    Link documents to locations or technical systems
  5. Tag By Theme
    Mark systems and locations with different themes, such as fire, cultural, environmental and universal design. Marked items will appear in respective portals.
  6. Classify Zones
    Group spaces into zones for an easier overview.
  7. Registration and Validation
    Registration overview and validation of the registration from the master.
  8. Approval of Registration
    The system will approve your registration in accordance to the master.

Keep Your Information In One Place

Information registered by users is connected to objects located within the building’s hierarchical structure, such as buildings, sites, rooms, technical systems, etc. This makes all the information, from the smallest of components to an overview of the entire property portfolio, easily accessible. Objects within MainManager are also categorized, making it possible to analyze and evaluate information and data across the portfolio. MainManagerʼs Building Management Module offers, amongst other things:

  • Standardized reports.
  • Multifunctional filtering of data.
  • Categorization of objects.
  • Analytical features.
  • Visual representation of data and information.
  • Easy access to a wide variety of information.

Standardized or Customized – It’s Up To You!

The customer can specify their own classification system for technical building systems such as ventilation or elevators, or choose from national standards. The user can then use her setup to create checklists and standard operational tasks that will be the foundation for the operational plan and applies for all the customers’ buildings and technical systems.


  • Stores national classification codes for technical systems.
  • Stores national building, floor and room classification codes.
  • Stores standard checklists and check words and connects them to technical systems.
  • Stores standard operating tasks for the customer.
  • Defines the standard type of documents for each system for the Digital Delivery Process.