Project Management

Manage your projects, big and small. Here one can set up a project with budget frame, milestones etc.


MainManagerʼs Project Management module gives the user a good overview of a projectʼs:

  • Progress
  • Cost
  • History
  • Status
  • Work orders
  • Deadline
  • Contractors

This gives the user the ability to evaluate and analyze different aspects of the project and compare it to other projects. A project goes through a few predetermined phases from the creation to the approval phase. These phases and other parameters are customizable and set by the user. Our project management module makes your life easier, by calculating standard parameters, commonly used in project management, such as:

  • Earned Value (EV)
  • Cost Variance (CV)
  • Schedule Variance (SV)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Schedule Performance Index (SPI)

Risk Assessment

MainManager makes it is possible to register and manage risks during the project.

Risk assessment makes it possible to:

  • Register potential risks
  • Specify preventive actions for any risk registered
  • View risks graphically
  • Obtain an overview of all possible risks associated with the project
  • and more