Using MainManager has been shown to yield a 10-30% reduc­tion in operational costs, resulting from improving the efficiency of working practices, methods and processes.

Core modules

Building Registration

MainManagerʼs Building Registration Management Module gives you a comprehensive overview of your property portfolio. Our Setup Process will guide you in setting up your site with all components relevant to your property.

Organisations & Users

You can set up your own organizational structure, service partners and customers and manage access control in one place. In the Access Management Process it is easy to get an overview of users, user roles and access levels to functions etc.

Document Management

Place documents for location structure (building, floor, room, etc.) or connect “links” to this structure from external databases or web sites. We differentiate between photos, descriptions etc., and documents that are delivered through digital delivery or BIM models.

Financial Management

Overview of your portfolio and costs for specific components, such as sites, buildings, technical systems, etc. The cost status of each component can be viewed at any time within MainManager. Various cost related information is available by component, portfolio or site group.

Add-on modules

Helpdesk Solutions

The module is designed to get an overview over all issues and incidents that occur on a daily basis inside or outside the buildings.

Operation & Maintenance

Create maintenance plans from inspections by consultants/professionals or by whishes from stakeholders on the site.

Service Contracts

Store all relevant information of a service contract, all service level agreements and define all the KPI’s for each service contract.

Asset Management

Register and manage assets like artifacts, vehicles, computers and other equipment location inside or outside the building.

Property Management

Designed to create lease contracts, define the cost that is associated with the contract, period of the lease, index regulation etc.

Energy Management

Keep track of energy usage in buildings. The system supports energy Zones, makes use of virtual meters etc.

Project Management

Manage your projects, big and small. Here one can set up a project with budget frame, milestones etc.

Space Management

Manages the use of spaces and inventory. Overview the location of organization units, the utilization of spaces etc.


We provide four types: Fire portal, health & safety portal, portal for cultural value and portal for universal design issues.

Cleaning Management

The module helps the one responsible for cleaning in planning cleaning tasks for the cleaning teams.

Room Booking & Catering Service

Lets you define rooms as meeting rooms, and define catering packages with prices etc.