Kalundborg kommune

In Denmark The municipality of Kalundborg have chosen MainManager CAFM to go along with the implementation of facility management processes. Kalundborg is starting out offering 3.500 employees access to a helpdesk for registration incidences and reactive maintenance.

Kalundborg is pursuing a long-term strategy on facility management, and MainManager is supporting every FM-decision with the right FM-process and key performance indicators measuring the expected improvements.

Phase 2 is implementing processes for preventative maintenance and space management

Facts: Kalundborg, 49.000 citizens, 220.000 m2 space management.

Gardabær municipality

The municipality of Gardabær decided to use MainManager as their main CAFM system and upgraded from version 9 to version 10. This means the municipality will increase their overall use of MainManager focusing on the systems core processes, which gives them overview over their facilities and functions to support building maintenance and renovation projects.

Options for project planning, service contracts, work orders, incident handling and connection to accounting system is included. Gardabær has indicated that other key processes from MainManager, like energy optimization, asset registration and CityDirect, could be useful in the near future.

Facts: Gardabær has 13.900 citizens

Faxe kommune

The Danish municipality in Faxe have chosen MainManager to support new processes in their estate, road & parks department. Faxe is starting out with a helpdesk for reception and handling of all incidences from users of the facilities in the municipality. The citizens will also have an app for incidents reporting to the FM-department in GIS-visualization of roads and parks will be an important factor and feature in improving the challenging communication and level expectations between the citizens, service workers and the FM-department in Faxe kommune.

Facts: Faxe Kommune, 35.000 citizens, 235.000 m2 buildings.

Icelandic Coast Guard (LHG)

The Icelandic Coast Guard has chosen MainManager as their CAFM system to support the function of Facilities Management in the organization. The organization will be utilizing the core processes of MainManager, allowing them to get a better overview of their facilities and assets.

The main use of the system will be to support maintenance and renovation projects of their buildings, boats, radar stations and other assets. This includes functions for project planning, service contracts, work orders, incident handling and connection to their accounting system.

Facts: LHG register vessels, helicopters and other assets

Buseti Reykjavik

Buseti Reykjavik, the co-operative building association, chose MainManager as their CAFM system. The organization will be using core processes of MainManager, giving an overview over their buildings around the capital area.

The included functions support maintenance and renovation projects, with processes like project planning, service contracts, work orders, incident handling, resource management and connection to their accounting system.

Facts: Buseti RVK has over 900 members and owns property around 53.100 m2 in total.

City Direct is a Living Labs Global Awards winner

City Direct is a first price winner in 2012 Living Labs Global Awards in the „Public Project Portal“ group. Winner solutions will be implemented as a showcase project in the city with the respective group, in this case Kristiansand in Norway. City Direct is a solution for city´s and municipalities to enable their citisens to directly influence the budget spending. City Direct is driven by MainManager, so by design, the system has a powerful set of tools available for general operational tasks such as shceduling and project management.

Further information can be found here:

Statsbygg in Norway chooses MainManager

The Norwegian state facility operator, Statsbygg, has awarded ICEconsult a multiyear contract for implementation of nation-wide facility management system using MainManager (www.mainmanager.com). The contract was signed 29th of February at a formal event in Oslo. This agreement is by far the largest the company has made and is a tremendous recognition and opens doors to new markets. The decision was made on the basis of intensive tender and negotiation process that began early last year. 11 companies across the Nordic countries participated. Three of them were selected into the final phase, two Norwegian companies and ICEconsult. Statsbygg’s decision process included evaluation of the software, experience and vision as well as cost. The result was decisive as ICEconsult / Main Manager was awarded the highest rating in all aspects. On behalf of the Norwegian government, Statsbygg owns 2,350 buildings distributed among 600 property complexes at home and abroad. These include universities, office buildings, historic structures, prisons, royal buildings, embassies, etc. MainManager is a comprehensive Facility Management system (CAFM) used in thousands of buildings in Europe. The system supports FM processes such as development, maintenance and operations projects, construction, service level agreements (SLA), lease management, quality management, energy, etc.

Reykjavik City opens MainManager – incident service for citizens

Today, Mayor, Jon Gnarr, officially opened a new notification system which is based on and connected to the MainManager. The new notification system is easily accessible to all citizens of Reykjavik, through the front page on Reykjavik cities webpage.
The system gives the citizen the opportunity to point out, to the employees of Reykjavik, where and what needs to be fixed within the city limits.

The citizen can accurately pinpoint the location of the notification on a GIS map and then write a description of what needs to be done in the chosen area.
Reykjavik employees then use the MainManager’s operation & maintenance system to handle the submitted notifications.

Citizens are encouraged to notify different incidents such as damaged traffic signs, loose plates, damaged benches, broken trees, off street lighting etc. within the city limits.